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Apprenticeship companies

Prins Heerlijk helps young people with serious learning issues and / or a disability to become service employees in hospitality, retail and care. They work in several teams at several locations. Plek ensures involvement and engagement among all employees. Without any fuss.

  • Engaged teams across six apprenticeship companies and several external employers
  • Wide adoption because of active support from management
  • All quality documents and regulations available as smart information pages
  • Onboarding new employees starts on Plek

Sharing everything, no fuss

Young people with learning issues or disabilities are provided with the help they need to find a fitting job because of Prins Heerlijk's noble work. Their teams work across six company owned apprenticeship companies and several external employers. Sharing news and information between teams and locations is important for a proper execution of the work as well as for involvement and engagement among and between all teams. For that reason, Prins Heerlijk needed a user-friendly social intranet. A platform that looks good and doesn't have too many extra options that they wouldn't use anyway. No fuss. Enter Plek.

"We can now easily share news, information, facts, photos, and events. This creates more involvement between the teams."

Chantal Niessen, Marketing and Communication at Prins Heerlijk

Exemplary behavior of management and team leads

At Plek, we love to launch with a big bang. Prins Heerlijk agrees: they combined the launch of Plek and the move to a new office building. During the opening drinks at the new office, management delivered their welcome speech via a video on Plek instead of physically. Active support from management is always instrumental for a wide adoption of a new social intranet: exemplary behavior is quickly copied by employees. During the opening drinks employees were asked to download the Plek app on their phones in order to watch the official 'opening' of Plek on their own phones instead of on the big screen. After that, employees couldn't wait to give Plek a go, share a post or update their profile. Off to great start!

After the launch, you have to put an effort into keeping employees active on Plek. Prins Heerlijk asks team leads to set the right example, and to regularly remind their team members of Plek and encourage them to create content. Also, everything that was previously emailed to all employees is now shared on Plek. The same goes for all quality documents and regulations: they are available as smart information pages.

Besides, the onboarding of new employees starts on Plek: they all get their login credentials before or on their first day of work and they're asked to introduce themselves on the platform.

"If you want to stay informed of what's going on in the organization, you have to check Plek regularly."

Chantal Niessen, Marketing and Communication at Prins Heerlijk