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Government projects

De Groene Boog will be the new ring road of Rotterdam-North, a project in which a total of 500 employees from 7 different construction companies will participate. But how do you establish short communication lines between the client and different contractors? And how do you keep an overview of various sub-projects that arise from one large construction project?

Connecting project employees

With Plek, Rijkswaterstaat and project group De Groene Boog (Besix, Dura Vermeer, Van Oord, John Laing, Rebel and TBI) fulfilled this challenge. At Plek A16, the name of this new digital communication platform, they form "one organization." Together they are responsible for the design, construction and pre-financing of the A16; a new motorway along Rotterdam."

Fast and secure supply access to information in Plek

When different construction organizations work on the same project, fast onboarding, social connection and a secure access to information can become a challenge. That's why Plek A16 was created. An ISO 27001 certified tool that connects more than 500 project employees from seven organizations, also on mobile. Local residents can also be informed with this tool. With this new platform, all the information can be found in one place.

Bundling communication

Through our Multiplek technology, project participants have acces and can participate in multiple project platforms at the same time. Users can switch between platforms without having to log in again. Smart notifications let's users know on which platform new messages have been posted. A must have for anyone who wants to get the most out of their project communication when working at different projects and with different projectmembers at the same time.

About Plek

Plek is an internal communication platform for organizations who value employee engagement. Top down information, coordination between employees or sharing knowledge. Plek changes how people work together, share knowledge and connect. Plek is simple, smart, intuitive and super fast, also on mobile.