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A complete and vibrant community

Plek offers everything a modern and successful community needs. It builds on the existing and proven features of the Plek platform, such as the facebook with configurable profiles, posts with multi-threaded responses, chat: 1 to 1 and in groups, events, onboarding of new members, surveys which can be anonymous and more.

On top of that, Plek offers additional options, such as a company directory, configurable group types, LinkedIn-like mutual connections, tiered access, and self-registration for new members.

  • Plek is available in the native mobile apps, and of course also in the browser.
  • High adoption rate: 10% of the members on Plek actively contribute, 30% respond and 60% consume
  • Place is at the forefront of technology, is lightning fast and has an excellent search function
  • Cutting-edge technology and superior support
  • Self-registration of new members is possible and the community is easy to find.
  • 75% of Plek users use the mobile app

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High adoption

Plek is as easy as the apps people choose at home, that's what Plek is all about. We offer a smart mix of top-down and social content. Users have the freedom to create their own groups and share messages in timelines so that they have a combination between control and user-driven content.

Plek offers extra features that lead to high adoption rates, like full mobile apps, WhatsApp replacement chat and smart, group configurable notifications. What's more, Plek automatically sends out a personalized weekly email newsletter to draw users back to the community.

Proven succes

The vast majority of Plek's users do so on the mobile apps for iOS and Android. They do so when it suits them: during lunch or coffee breaks, in the public transport or at home on the couch. In addition, Plek has a browser version and desktop app.

On average, 10% of the members on Plek actively contribute, 30% respond and 60% consume. 75% use the mobile app

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