Constructing connections at 'Congres Intranet'

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Constructing connections at 'Congres Intranet'

At 'Congres Intranet', Björn Bouwmeester of construction company Heembouw will explain all about how Heembouw (250 people divided over 4 offices and many construction sites) is constructing connections on Plek.

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Many Heembouw employees don't have an office job: they're always at construction sites. This made it difficult for Heembouw to reach out to them and keep them updated and engaged. Plek guarantees that all colleagues have access to the intranet, on desktop or via the mobile app, anytime and from wherever they are. Thanks to the accessibility, simplicity and the low threshold to engage in the conversation, Heembouw managed to connect the entire company. From director to carpenter, everyone has access, is up-to-date and actively contributes to knowledge sharing within the organization.

Heembouw's employees proudly share project photos, without any intervention from the marketing department. It took some getting used to, but whoever tries it is easily convinced of the benefits of Plek. This helps keeping everyone actively involved, and the usage statistics can only confirm this. How Heembouw managed to make their intranet such a success? Come to 'Congres Intranet' and find out!

'Congres Intranet' offers an interesting program with keynotes and breakout sessions, and they will also present an organization with the Intranet Value Award. Register here for 'Congres Intranet'!