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Connect with frontline workers

You want to reach and connect with your frontline employees in the construction, manufacturing and logistics industry. That's why Plek offers a super fast employee app for both iOs and Android in your corporate identity. From construction site to drilling platform, from port to truck, and also at the office: Plek simplifies communication with colleagues.

  • Fast onboarding and easy-to-use platform
  • App in your organisation's corporate identity
  • Secure and safe
  • Connect with frontline workers
  • Mobile first, but with a powerful desktop version
  • ISO 27001 certified

Onboarding on the same platform

Plek offers easy and fast onboarding, which can be done via Plek. This way, an employee does not have to download an extra app and a new colleague is immediately shown the way on the platform. Integrations with other systems also run smoothly through Plek. It replaces existing systems and combines applications in one central location that is accessible to everyone.

Employee onboarding

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Working together safely

Using Plek, sharing work instructions or safety protocols is easy, which prevents accidents on the building site. The precise search function ensures that this information can also be found quickly. Via a group message, you can reach an entire site or group of employees, for example, about a change in the work. The intranet is available via computer and telephone, giving you access to your intranet anytime, anywhere.

Employee app

The builders of Heembouw

Read this case to find out how Plek connects Heembouw's builders and how 90% of their employees became active on Plek. Plek also connects employees at NTS Group and Van 't Hek.

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