Plek update: documents find their place in groups

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Plek update: documents find their place in groups

Time for our monthly Plek release. No big changes this time, only some small but very useful improvements, mostly requests coming from our customers. 

Upload a group document without leaving the group

The option to view documents without leaving an active group within Plek, was already available. But as of today, within the same overview, you are also able to upload documents. A logic development, but also those improvements must be built! 💪


More form options ☑️

More and more organisations use our flexible forms. That's why we keep working on improving them. This month we specifically looked at the lay-out of the results shown in our forms. One improvement you will notice, is that you can also choose to make non-selected answers visible in your results field. How this looks? You can see in the example below!


Other, small improvements are barely visible to the naked eye, but are still worth mentioning. For example the print preview of the results and the new and improved notifications of submitted forms. Are you not familiair with the use of our forms? We kindly invite you to check them out. You will be surprised how many cool possibilities we have added 👀

Set your own landingspagina 🚀

If you open Plek, you will land directly on our dashboard or timeline. This will remain the same after the release, but we have also created the option to (re)-direct users to a specific landingspage after they have logged in. Whether it's an information page or a form, you will be able to choose your own URL which can be used as a landingspage. With this new feature, we full-filled a long held wish from organisations who use Plek for specific purposes. 

Project updates for the Directorate-General for Public Works and Water Management (Rijkwaterstaat)

One of those organisations mentioned above is Rijkswaterstaat, that uses Plek for their Nova innovation hub. For them we have created a project portfolio in which project leaders periodically ask for updates and reports. Does this sound interesting? Ask for more information here.