Education & Childcare

Education & Childcare

Plek ensures flexible communication, from any location and on any device. Start right away and stimulate engagement and knowledge sharing.

Share knowledge and connect, on tablet or mobile

Plek’s super fast app for tablet and mobile enables pedagogical staff, education professionals and staff departments to communicate easily and safely. Even with external parties such as parent boards or partners at an IKC. From any location and on any device.

Kennis delen en verbinden, op tablet of mobiel
Secure and professional substitute for WhatsApp
Share knowledge and connect, also with external parties
Mobile first, but with a powerful desktop version
Simple and low-threshold

Samenwerking over locatiegrenzen heen

Work together across organizational boundaries

Education and childcare professionals often work with colleagues and partners spread across many locations within their organization or foundation. Plek ties these locations together. It allows teachers and pedagogical staff to share and connect knowledge. It connects the workplace to the office staff and facilitates feedback between employees and managers. How? Plek intelligently combines top-down and social interaction in one platform.

Secure, low-threshold and super fast

Plek is low-threshold and intuitive. Users post messages, create groups and share photos, all by themselves. Colleagues can easily find the latest updates, required documents and each other on Plek. Of course all data is 100% secure: Plek is hosted securely and professionally in the Netherlands and is GDPR proof.

Veilig, laagdrempelig en razendsnel

Always connected, also externally

Plek enables you to collaborate across organizational boundaries. You can easily provide external parties, such as parents or partners at an IKC, with secure and restricted access.

Case: SKA’s pedagogical staff

Read this case to find out how Plek connects the pedagogical staff of Stichting Kinderopvang Amersfoort, across the boundaries of their departments and physical locations. 

Plek also connects employees at Sinne Daycare, OOadA(Openbaar Onderwijs aan de Amstel), Forte DaycareKober child daycareVlietkinderen childcare and the BMK (Association for Social Childcare). More info? Get in touch: call +31(0)20-3697577 or email