200 school canteens, 160 company restaurants and one employee app

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200 school canteens, 160 company restaurants and one employee app

How can you successfully influence the way companies and teams work with each other. Nelly and Martijn from Appel & Markies catering proved this was possible by using the Employee App Greet to share knowledge with colleagues from all departments.

Sharing knowledge from headquarter to locations and vice versa 

The Employee App stimulates knowledge sharing. Martijn Pater - Operational director Education & Campus talks about the creative ideas shared within the platform, usually about the business's passion for food and drinks. 

Martijn: "Greet is a great addition on to our DNA. We work together with our employees from headquarter to local offices and make sure everybody stays connected and involved." 


Education and company restaurants connected 

Nelly Broecks works as an Assistent Catering Manager at Appèl catering and uses Greet to get inspiration or to share things which she thinks are innovative and new, such as new dishes. Those messages can be shared and are viewable on the platform for all the locations of Appel and Markies Catering.  

Nelly: "A direct chat with all my colleagues from other departments? It works super easy. As if you are messaging with somebody.”

Have a look at the video in which Nellie and Martijn share their experiences: 



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