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Informed and engaged non-desk employees, anytime and anywhere

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Plek employee app

Reach everyone, wherever they work

How do you bridge the gap between the office and shop floor, with colleagues on site, on the hospital ward, in production environments or posted with clients - and now also with remote workers? How do you take care of engagement? With a mobile app that is all about the employees themselves.

This makes us unique

  • User-friendly, fast and complete
  • Easy sharing of messages, documents, photos, videos and events
  • Single Sign-On and integrations with Office 365, SharePoint and Google Suite
  • One-to-one chat and groupchat, more secure than WhatsApp
  • Seamless on desktop, tablet and mobile, with iOS and Android apps
  • ISO 27001 certified

Always up to date

Give your colleagues access to news and important work related information, from corona measures to manuals and from schedules to tips from colleagues: anytime, anywhere on Plek. Even if they don’t have a work email address.

All features

Plek on mobile


An app group for your team

Coordinate with your team, keep each other informed and share the latest planning or work instructions. Simple and fast in Plek’s team, project and work groups. It's as easy-to-use and as mobile as WhatsApp, but secure in a safe environment.

Mobile app

Short lines of communication

Plek makes it easy to share and collect information, with smart forms and tasks. Very useful for corona updates, checklists and feedback from non-desk colleagues.

Employee journey


Help employees move ahead

Interactive onboarding on Plek ensures that new colleagues are quickly up-to-speed and settled in the team. But it doesn't stop there. With Plek Academy, everyone can continue to develop themselves.


Modern technology as a basis

Plek is built using the latest technology, including native iOS and Android apps. We do monthly releases with mostly customer-driven improvements and security updates. We support Single Sign-On and integrate with Office 365, SharePoint, Google suite and many other applications.


Chat on mobile

Laptop met timeline

Go live quickly under expert guidance

Your own Plek can go live very quickly. We guide you following a well-defined, proven plan, focusing on user activation rather than technology. Over 300+ happy clients preceded you.


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