Employee onboarding

At Plek, onboarding goes beyond the first three months. Good onboarding is tailor-made, social and flows seamlessly into personal growth

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Integrated onboarding

With Plek, you can make employee onboarding an integral part of your communication platform. Create your own programs with different steps, personalised texts, embedded video’s, checklists, information pages, forms and attachments. If desired, Plek has templates available for this. Knowledge gained remains readily available at Plek, of course also after the onboarding ended.

Tailor made for your organisation

With Plek, you can create as many programs as you want. A specific one per department, location or role, for example; in a series for the first working day, the first week and the first month; whether for cross-boarding, reboarding or - when the time has come - offboarding. Programs start automatically after a trigger (for example, a new group membership), at a specified time, or periodically (for example, for manual updates). You monitor the progress of programs and employees on clear dashboards.

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Working together

Landing well in your team

Onboarding at Plek is not something you do alone. In addition to learning about the organisation's vision, rules and processes, newcomers also want to know their new team and colleagues. That's why you are immediately invited to join social and interest groups. If possible, you go through the onboarding together with other starters, with whom you can then stay in contact. Your personal introduction is also shared directly with your colleagues, who can then send you a lovely welcome giphy.

Three benefits of onboarding

For the entire employee journey

Onboarding is only the first step in the employee journey. After that, colleagues want to continue developing and innovating, so Plek onboarding seamlessly blends into learning and participation. That's how you get and keep everyone involved.

Our vision on the employee journey

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Onboarding works best through an intranet

At Plek, onboarding is always linked to a social intranet. The advantage of this is that new employees quickly feel connected to the organisation and easily find colleagues. During the onboarding, you are shown around the platform, you are added to the important groups, and you discover where all the essential information such as regulations can be found. Unlike a separate app or a physical onboarding, the onboarding of Plek puts you in contact with real people. An additional advantage is that you can always look back at the onboarding programme, even if you have been working in your new position for some time. Click here for a larger version of the image.

  • User-friendly, fast and complete
  • Seperate onboarding per department, location or role
  • Create and monitor your own onboardingsprograms
  • Supports the entire employee journey
  • Works on desktop, tablet and mobile, with iOS and Android apps
  • ISO 27001 certified

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