Plek Employee app

Plek Employee App

Do most of your colleagues work outside an office and would you like to keep them better informed and involved when it comes to the latest news updates? From headquarter to shop, from construction site to hotel: connect everybody with Plek.
Plek connects

Connect everyone, anytime, anywhere

With the Plek Employee app you have a direct line with all your employees working outside the office. Work schedules, news, documents and the possibility to share pictures. Scroll and find relevant information in personalised groups. Easy to use, simple and fast.

Colleagues will immediately feel at home, wherever they go, thanks to a personal and interactive onboarding. With Plek nobody has to reinvent the wheel!


Appèl & Markies catering and their Employee App: Greet

Easily accessible and easy to use
Information at your fingertips
Involve and onboard employees
Share knowledge and network
Personalised platform with your own corporate identity
Secure (ISO 27001 certified)
One-on-one and group chat
Top down information

Looking for more inspiration? 

Curious to find out what type of organisations use the Plek Employee App? Read the unique stories of Heembouw, SKA and Brandweer Amstelland and see how they use Plek. From construction companies to childcare. Plek connects everybody. 

Plek connects

Plek is a community and collaboration platform for organisations of the future. Top down informing, transmitting information, knowledge sharing or networking. Plek connects people, across teams, departments and organizational boundaries. Want to know more about Plek? Contact us here

Plek connects