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About Plek Empower

Help the organisation to align around, engage with, and adopt new ways of working faster and more sustainable. Use data to make informed decisions about relevant content & information for managers, teams and dedicated groups throughout your organisation. Use Plek to automatically offer this content and keep track of how it is received. With Plek Empower it’s about getting everybody quickly on the same page, while keeping track of progress.

Make it work 1 on 1 with Plek Empower

Plek Empower is a proactive way to feed every employee with relevant content and actions tailored to their needs. Detailed people analytics help you to decide which content is relevant to each persona in your organisation.

  • Connect content to fact based employee personas.
  • Provide employees with actions to address their needs.
  • Create dedicated agendas for teams based on defined needs.
  • Measure effectiveness of content, policies and interventions.
  • Work in a secure environment where anonymity is guaranteed.

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Plek Empower, takes Plek Engage one step further and enables you to liaise with - and empower your employees on an individual level, at scale.

Our people analytics will not only reveal the personas your organisation is comprised of, but also give you insight to the content which resonates with each persona, based on real feedback. A robust, unequivocal way to learn what works well for your company. With our Smart Agendas, the most relevant improvement pointers and themes are automatically provided to teams. Use our Activation Engine to quickly follow up with tailored content and learnings to individuals. Easily measure the impact and effectiveness.