Plek update: a quick start

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Plek update: a quick start

As of today, Plek will become even more inviting. During your onboarding, when you log in for the first time, you will immediately get to see for which groups you have been invited. And if you accept the invitation, you can start right away! 

To further encourage a warm welcome, we have also added group invitations to your notification list (the small bell on the right side of the menu bar). As of now it will be difficult to miss new group invitations!


More convenience for external users

In this release we didn't forget about our external users. If they forget to accept a group invitation during their onboarding, they won't see an empty timeline instead they will find their open group invitation(s) directly in their timeline and can immediately accept them. 


And last but not least: external users won't see an empty page in "My Groups." We made sure that active group invitations are also visible in this page. 


Even more user friendly

During the summer months we have double checked Plek and did notice some small bugs. We made sure we fixed these bugs last months. You can think of small visuals adjustments or titles which were not neatly aligned. By making these adjustments, Plek feels a lot easier to use! Have fun! 


Question or remarks about the new and improved Plek? Don't hesitate to contact your account manager. Specific questions about Plek? Send us an e-mail via 

In case you have an urgent question, you can call us during working hours at 020-3697577.