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Plek in healthcare

During the event 'Intranet in de Zorg' (Intranet in Healthcare) on June 13th, everything will revolve around current topics such as sharing knowledge, activating employees and cooperating more efficiently. It will be a day of inspiration and information about the possibilities of a social intranet such as Plek in the healthcare sector. Come find us, ask questions and share experiences!

How does Plek work and how can it benefit your healthcare organization? A few examples:

Anywhere, on any device

We know that healthcare professionals are not on their computer all day long. Flexibility is important and quickly sharing knowledge and information is a requirement for delivering quality. That is why Plek is available anytime and anywhere, on any device. Plek has been fully optimized for mobile and we also have our own app.

Secure chat

Sharing patient information has to be simple and efficient in order to prevent mistakes and even save lives. Of course all the information can be found in dossiers but sometimes a chat is the quickest and easiest way to inform a colleague of a changed situation. Plek chat is end-to-end encrypted, so all information shared in chat conversations is safe and secured.

Plek chat op een telefoon


Plek users receive notifications of key events on Plek. You are notified of, for example, comments on your message and of messages you are tagged in. Whether you are running a night shift, entering administration or carrying out an emergency house call: Plek keeps you up to date.


Healthcare institutions often have many protocols and manuals that staff should adhere to. It is easy to find everything on Plek, using the global search function. In addition, our optional taxonomy can be used to group and archive documents. This way, you create a clear structure and ensure that all documents are where they should be. 

Self-managing teams en disctrict teams

On Plek, you can easily create groups and sub groups that will enable self-managing teams and district teams to work together effectively. Use our different options for group types, features and privacy settings to provide ideal circumstances for each and every team. You can also add external parties to a group (such as volunteers and caregiving relatives, but also clients). Because we know that cooperation across organizational boundaries can be crucial in the healthcare sector.

Plek notificatie op een telefoon

In short: there are many possibilities for a social intranet like Plek in the healthcare sector. It is an intranet, a communication platform and a team app. It enables you to support self-management and stimulate cooperation, but you can also broadcast information top-down (think of company news). The social aspect creates the ideal mix that makes it easy to connect, cooperate and share within the healthcare sector. 

We would love to talk to you about the possibilities and challenges, and are curious about your stories and experiences. Of course we can also do a live demonstration of Plek. Please come find us on June 13th!

Zorg intranet


The event 'Intranet in de Zorg' is organized by Communicatiebureau De Walvis. This independent agency has organized sixteen intranet related events over the last few years. Examples include the National Intranet Symposium, the Intranet Inspiration Afternoons and the Northern Intranet Symposium .