Sinterklaas uses Plek!

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Sinterklaas uses Plek!

Many things have been said and written about the new appearance of Sinterklaas' "Pieten". It really gives Sinterklaas a head ache. Fortunately the preparations for his big entry into Amsterdam are continuing regardless of all this gossip. Sinterklaas, his 400 "Pieten" and hundreds of other volunteers from Stichting Sinterklaas in Amsterdam (SSiA) discuss it all on Plek!

Sinterklaas on Plek

We're jumping for joy

Next Sunday 19 November Sinterklaas and his "Pieten" will sail into Amsterdam. There will be a wonderful water parade through the Amstel and the canals, followed by an amazing street parade. Of course Sinterklaas and his 1200 SSiA volunteers started making the necessary preparations for these parades a long time ago. And we are happy and proud to announce that they've been organizing the whole thing on Plek! They discussed the route, ideas about attracting sponsors, talked about press and social media strategies and many other things. And after the parade, the Sint and his "Pieten" can relive all those fantastic moments by sharing stories, photos and videos on Plek.

Safety first

Sinterklaas obviously doesn't take any risks when it comes to information security. All those wish lists and letters from Dutch children to Sinterklaas are not supposed to be seen by anyone but Sinterklaas himself! That's why he did a very thorough check to see if Plek is 100% secure. And we passed the test with flying colors!

All of the "Pieten" are chatting

The Boss Piet, Poet Piet, Pepernoten Piet, Present Piet and Vlog Piet: they're all chatting on Plek. Of course they are all very busy, and always on the go. Fortunately Plek also has an app. This way, the "Pieten" can chat from any place at any time. That is how they make sure everybody gets their presents before Sinterklaas and the "Pieten" have to go back to Spain! 

Would you also like to get the Plek app? Get in touch with Justus or Rik, or call us at +31 (0)20 - 369 7577.