Guest blog by Guus Vreeswijk: Plek for the oral healthcare sector

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Guest blog by Guus Vreeswijk: Plek for the oral healthcare sector

I'm Guus Vreeswijk and I've been an entrepreneur in oral healthcare for quite some years. My father and brother also work in this sector. My personal connections and interests have made me well aware of the sector's problems and opportunities. The lack of progress when it comes to technology is one of the bigger issues. It's not a surprising one though: most small practices already have too many other things on their minds. But the sector now seems to be in flux, partly due to economies of scale and due to the recent merging of many smaller practices. It's about time for a technology catch-up!

Guus Vreeswijk

Internal communication poses a challenge for companies in the dental world, especially for practices with multiple locations. A lot of knowledge and information quickly gets lost in overflowing email inboxes. And because many oral healthcare professionals don't work at a computer, many practices use WhatsApp groups for quick alignment. But this really doesn't feel safe, especially now that we know that WhatsApp does not comply with the new European privacy legislation, the General Data Protection Regulation. Many colleagues also don't like having their private and work conversations mixed up in WhatsApp.

I saw an opportunity in the absence of a good communication platform so I started looking for a partner to build a suitable solution with. I discovered Plek and it turned out their existing platform needed only a few small adjustments to perfectly match our requirements! This is how Dental Plek came into being: a version of Plek especially for the oral healthcare sector.

“Dental Plek came exactly at the right time: a social intranet and extranet, documentation system and tasks system all in one platform. It's ideal! Email and WhatsApp are no longer a means of communication within our practice.”

Krystle Bijman, Freshtandartsen

Dental Plek enhances internal knowledge sharing and communication. In addition to the basic functions such as groups and profiles, it offers a document module that makes it easy to find things like protocols and case files. Documents can be shared and viewed safely, also on mobile phones. At my request, Plek also developed a tasks module. It can be used to easily assign tasks to colleagues or groups of colleagues.

Dental Plek

Dental Plek was created for the entire oral healthcare sector, from practices of all sizes to suppliers and wholesalers. And because working with third parties is safe and simple on Dental Plek, we can offer the entire chain a great way to communicate with each other.

So far Dental Plek has been getting raving reviews. The first clients have gone live last month and many other practices are currently testing Dental Plek. To be continued!