Too many e-mails?

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Too many e-mails?

Bits and pieces of information, throughout the day. That was the title of a Dutch Newspaper article that wrote about todays' special day: "No-email Friday!" We of course warmly welcome this plea to reduce the amount of business e-mails in companies. But would like to take this even one step further. That's why we wrote down three useful tips to help you avoid an overkill of notifications and e-mails. Read along to find out what they are. 

Only share relevant content 

An e-mail is sent in no time. But what about the content? Does the recipient actually know what he or she should do with it?

Plek helps clients to improve their content structure by creating channels and groups. This way information only pops up where it needs to pop up. And it will also be clear from the beginning which messages are must read ones, could-read or nice-to-know messages. Helps you to avoid information overload allows your timeline to remain personal and relevant!


Get rid of those annoying notifications 

Notifications: they eye and the brain are immediately pulled towards it, but they can be very distracting during workhours and not always help to increase productivity. We are easily tempted to take a look and we all know it. That's why Plek thought of ways to avoid that notifications drive you nuts. You get to determine how often, when and through which device you receive them. Or -  in case you are completely done with it - press one button to click them all away. 


Holiday or not at work? Go completely off grid! 

Last but not least. We would like to take it one step further. Day off or on holiday? Use our holiday snooze function to adjust your settings at Plek. This allows you to turn off your notifications. To stay completely off grid. Good for your creativity and your brain!


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