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About Plek Engage

Quickly onboard new employees, start listening at scale and boost employee engagement. Get factual engagement insights based on employee usage, feedback and needs & expectations from smart digital conversations. Use it to make better data-informed decisions.

Go truly 1 on 1 with Plek Engage

Plek Engage adds the Activation Engine, Smart Conversations and People Analytics to Plek Connect. Quickly get new employees up to speed, by reaching beyond traditional employee engagement surveys to discover the employee personas in your organisation.

  • Generate factual employee personas with built in people analytics.
  • Focus your direction to improve employee experience, engagement and strategy activation.
  • Work from a single source and base your decisions on meaningful, accurate data.
  • Create a consistent employee onboarding experience.
  • Easily reach target audiences.
  • Develop e-learning on any topic, including compliance and health/safety.

Plek Engage

Plek Engage

Quickly get new employees up to speed

According to research by Brandon Hall Group, successful onboarding leads 82% of new employees more likely to stay with an employer. Getting off on the right foot has never been easier, with Plek Engage. Our onboarding experts distilled their knowledge into convenient, ready made templates. You can quickly set up a tried and tested onboarding sequence, which you can edit as required. No need for additional apps, it’s all included in our platform.

Start listening on scale with Plek Smart Conversations

Traditional model-driven questionnaires ask everyone the same question Repeatedly. With Plek Smart Conversations you can start a personalised conversation with everybody, at scale. Powered by data-driven technology. So, in every follow-up session you continue the conversation where you left it. And deepen it intelligently, with relevant AI-tailored questions for each individual.

All conversation data is automatically clustered and analysed. As a result, our data analytics will provide you with fact-based employee personas, themes that thrive in your organisation and team-specific action points to enhance engagement.

Plek Engage

Plek Engage

Create Tutorials with Plek Activation Engine

With the Plek Activation Engine you can easily create dedicated programs or guided tutorials for the whole organisation, specific teams or individuals. Alongside our ready made onboarding templates, you can create tutorials on themes like compliance or safety.

With our simple step-by-step-plans you can address important themes and develop your own programs. Enrich them with tailored content, create your own links, quizzes and tests around hot topics - perfect to get everybody on the same page.