Five tips to improve online collaboration

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Five tips to improve online collaboration

Online collaboration is almost the new normal in the workplace. The Netherlands is, according to a Dutch newspaper, European leader when it comes to home workers. And did you know that more than thirty million people worldwide, work at least one day per week from a different location or from home? It doesn't seem to matter where you are, online collaboration is always a good option. Sounds perfect, but how do you make sure that it doesn't affect the productivity or quality of the work?

In order to help you out, we have listed five useful tips, which will make online collaboration a big success! 

Objectives, tasks and responsibilities 

Collaboration often fails, when responsibilities and roles are not clearly discussed prior to the project and if people don't know when specific things need to be delivered. If you are not often physically available, collaboration can even become a bigger challenge. Therefore, make sure to always discuss and log all the things mentioned above. This will help you to quickly get started!


Document and archive

The biggest pitfall of online collaboration, is that documentation or information is not always as easily obtainable as you think it is. Among employees, this often leads to frustration or extra work. Make sure to always store your documents in a vast and digitally safe place. With the use of an online collaboration tool, it will become even easier. The only thing you have to do is to create a specific themed group in which you can easily find all the information you need per topic.

Share knowledge online 

Often on the road or a lot of client visits? Found a useful document via your network? Share the knowledge online! It helps to inspire and to improve other peoples knowledge and to improve and strengthen your online netwerk! 


A different way of sharing documents

Did you already reach the breaking point in your relationship with your email inbox? Tired of the endless stream of emails? Ever thought of online document collaboration via a shared Google Drive? Much easier than forwarding or e-maling your documents! With a shared document system, you always work realtime on the latest documents and you will have full access to the latest version yourself. 

Chat with others!

One on one or in a group. When you use the chat function in a smart way, you can prevent your e-mail box from filling up with questions that are much easier to coordinate via chat. Telephone numbers, final preparations for this afternoon's work session. Much easier to chat than to email those things. With the chat you are easier to reach, but you can also indicate faster if and when you are available! 


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