Four in ten Dutch work during their holiday

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Four in ten Dutch work during their holiday

Summer holidays are in full swing. The perfect time to relax and enjoy your well deserved holiday. But according to a recent study, a lot of Dutch people find it difficult to let go of their work during their holiday. And that's a pity because taking some time off can help enormously with recharging your battery! 

The more responsibilities, the more stress

You booked your holiday and you are on your way by car, train, airplane or bike. With wifi everywhere, it becomes very tempting to read you email, to check some things with colleagues or to edit that document. Does this sounds familiar? You are not the only one! Almost fifty percent of the working population in the Netherlands, checks his or her email during holidays and more that fourteen percent actually postpones the holiday because of the huge amount of work. 


The more responsibilities you have, the more stress and the more relatable the issue above will become. Some colleagues are afraid of the amount of work when they return to the office, others are often worried about who can take over their work during their holidays. 

Breaking your daily routine 

But did you know that it's actually very healthy to sometimes ease off and let go of your work? The best ideas usually come from outside of the workplace. when working in a new and inspiring environment. Take the example of entrepreneur Richard Branson who already uses a method to give his employees unlimited holidays for years now. Richard is convinced that breaking through a daily routine gives you new inspiration. 

The best ideas come from outside of the workplace when working in a new and inspiring environment! 

But that's not the only thing. Employees who often take holidays, are generally less often sick and feel much more engaged with their work and their job. Plenty of advantages! For employer and employee! 


Take some rest 

We do understand that taking some days off is often necessary. Even if this includes taking a break from Plek. We therefore introduced our holidaysnooze. As a great example. With the holiday snooze, employees can completely turn off their notifications. Going off grid before going back to work again! What do you say? Does this sounds good to you?