GroenLinks kick-starts municipal politics on Plek

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GroenLinks kick-starts municipal politics on Plek

At the municipal elections earlier this year, GroenLinks received 8.4% of the votes (3 percentage points more than four years ago). The party thus became the largest in many municipalities, including Amsterdam and Utrecht. After this big win, GroenLinks had a big job ahead: many new councilors and aldermen had to get ready for their new task in the local council. So where do they find the required knowledge, information and each other? On Plek!

GroenLinks en Plek

Open and involved

GroenLinks is all for involving people in democracy and likes to experiment with new means to achieve this. Plek's 'open up' therefore is an excellent match with GroenLinks' ways of working. It takes time to change how the Netherlands function, and it takes time to change how an organization works (together). But working transparently and using the right incentives will help you achieve your goals step by step.

“We were looking for a way to connect our 600 council members. A place for them to easily find each other and openly share information. We found this in Plek.”

Bastiaan de Leeuw, project manager and city councilor GroenLinks

The greenhorns instantly got the hang of it

Immediately after launching the platform it became evident that GroenLinks and Plek are a match made in heaven: more than 75% of users are active and almost 1 in 5 users have posted a message on Plek. Users joined 4 groups on average. A whopping 85 groups have already been created, including for example 'Social portfolio' and 'Amsterdam district commission', but also 'Questions and feedback about Plek'. This is how hundreds of new recruits and old-timers find new connections and fresh ideas on Plek. They really got this (green) party started!

“Successful motions are shared on Plek and subsequently submitted by council members in other municipalities. This means that we don't all have to reinvent the wheel. It increases our political strength."

Bastiaan de Leeuw, project manager and city councilor GroenLinks

Meanwhile, GroenLinks has gained momentum in the various municipal councils and we expect to see a lot of interesting developments from them. Both in politics and on Plek! Is your organization growing as fast as GroenLinks, and could you use some help in connecting your newbies? Please contact Justus or Rik or call us at 020-3697577.