Plek in care and welfare

Share knowledge and search for information

Sharing knowledge anytime and anywhere, fast and easy, is essential if you work in the health care industry. But when it comes to work-related information, protocols and colleagues, you need to make sure you can easily find them without wasting too much time. At Plek we understand this.

Software of Plek works intuitive. It's easy to use. Share documents, search for colleagues and immediately respond to messages. Thanks to the app, you stay connected, wherever you are. Knowledge sharing has never been this easy!

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  • Top-down and social interaction on one platform
  • Immediately up-to-date thanks to the Plek app
  • Always connected with Single-sign on
  • Easy access to protocols, documents and colleagues
  • Customized implementation
  • Data safely stored (Dutch servers)

Improve social interaction and employee engagement

Plek helps to improve social interaction. Did you know? A good onboarding improves employee involvement and reduces outflow of employees. Share ideas, improve collaboration and gain new insights! With Plek you are able to immediately respond to messages and you can find colleagues based on their specific skills or expertises.

privacy on plek

Safely connected

Privacy- and data security are important topics within the health care and well-being industry. We understand this. Therefore we try to take as many data security measures as possible. You can think of:

  • Hosting on Dutch servers (ISO27001 and NEN7510 certified)
  • Plek is ISO-27001 certified
  • PEN-tests within the Plek environment to protect and secure the privacy of users
  • Monthly release updates

Choose Plek! This way you make sure you are always safe and up-to-date!

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Read this case to find out how Plek improves collaboration and knowledge sharing between practitioners.

Plek also connects employees, clients and volunteers at the AMC, Stichting Binding, Stichting Binding, de WVS groep, Promen, Woej and Prins Heerlijk. More info? Get in touch: via or call us on +31 20 3697577