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Working together on the ultimate guest experience

Satisfied guests and involved employees play a significant role in the success of an organisation. Use Plek to talk to all employees in a personalised and automated way. Employees on the work floor are the eyes and ears of the organisation. Their feedback helps you enhance the guest experience and get your employees involved.

Share knowledge and keep employees up-to-date

In Plek, you can easily share knowledge in different (interactive) ways. This can be for all employees at once, or per department, team or function. Reach all employees quickly, such as new measures and find information quickly with the integral search function. Create chat groups to chat with one or more colleagues, as you are used to in WhatsApp.

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Onboarding on Plek

Continuous onboarding

Plek believes in the importance of good, continuous onboarding. With our complete onboarding programme, which you can fill out yourself, the correct information gets to the right person. Share videos or images and instructions or information about departments and locations. Everything is possible, whether you use it as an introduction or a refresher. With our user-friendly onboarding, you save costs and support physical induction meetings.

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Everything you need on your working day

Every employee has their own information needs during a working day. With Plek you have a straightforward dashboard with everything you need. It also provides easy access to other applications or systems. In addition, each employee can personalise their overview, giving you complete control over what information they see.

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Greet brings people together

At Appèl, “Greet” - the social intranet with the accompanying mobile app - had already conquered a place in the routine of many employees at the various locations and the head quarter. Mainly to share good news and to share inspiring things with other employees. That changed due to the corona crisis...