How productive are you?

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How productive are you?

If you wear flipflops, you are less productive. At least that was what psychologist Mark Tigchelaar recently claimed on the radio. Volkskrant looked into it, but (lucky for us) didn't find any scientific proof. Dutch people have become less productive over the past years, confirmed "Het Centraal Bureau voor de Statistieken" recently. Should we feel ashamed? Did we all become slower in doing our jobs? Well, not exactly! 

Our relatively cheap labor and the extent in which we successfully embrace new technologies, play a more important role in the decrease of our productivity. And that's striking! 


Not worth the money 

Technology seems to be pretty integrated into our private lives: from online shopping till ordering clothes. And a life without a smartphone or WhatsApp has become unthinkable to many of us. Technology is nowadays fast and easy. But how come we are reluctant when it comes to the implementation of new technologies at work? Well there are plenty of arguments for that. 

Sometimes we experience difficulties with choosing a new system or we use different platforms for the same work related tasks. Sometimes we think that a new technology is not worth the investment or the IT-structure makes integration with specific platforms difficult. In short: a hassle! And that's a shame, because we want technology to help us and we also want to boost our own productivity. How can we change our mindset and improve our productivity again?  


One digital entrance 

Multitasking might not be our thing. But there is an actual need for focus and a clear overview for all of us! A clear overview of our work will eventually lead to structure and focus will lead to an increase in productivity again. But how do you create structure in the chaos around? Right! With new technology that supports you in your daily job. Task lists and reminders. Feedback from colleagues, sharing news with anybody, anytime with personalised notifications. And more important: one digital entrance to have all those things combined. Which makes it possible for you to focus on your work again! 


At Plek we have been working for years on a smart product which supports all of the things mentioned above. One central platform which integrates easily with other systems. A platform where users can share news anytime, anywhere. Ideas and knowledge, feedback and team communication. Overview, focus and a boost in productivity. Isn't that what we all want .. ?