How to communicate in times of crisis

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How to communicate in times of crisis

The entire working population in the Netherlands currently faces big changes. Due to the corona outbreak, news is constantly changing. New measures have impact on the way people need to work and we are forced to (temporarily) do our work completely differently.

In this article we have gathered some tips for everyone who uses a social intranet or other digital tool for their communication. Tips you can use to keep employees online well informed and to make sure that everybody receives the latest news, whenever and wherever you want. 

Info pages 

On our own communication platform Plek, we use special information pages to share important content. On such a page you can for example easily combine information about Corona, important measures or specific information. The pages are full text searchable and available via desktop or mobile.

If you want they can be widely shared within the organisation via a special post, but can also be shared or created for a specific group so that only certain people will see them. In our opinion it's especially useful that info pages can be edited quickly if new information comes up or other information becomes outdated. Below an example of what an information page looks like: 


Highlight important information

Did you just post an important message? Hoping to bring it to everyone's attention? Plek gives you the opportunity to highlight this post for a specific period of time. So it will be remain visible right at the top of your timeline. The first thing people will see when they log into your platform, will be this post! 

Highlighted message

Push notifications

Do you have very urgent news and you want people to receive a notification of this immediately? You can use our push notification settings for that. With this option, people will immediately receive an email or a notification on their mobile or desktop.


When your message is specifically addressed to somebody, we offer users the @mention option. You can use it in a post, but also when you leave a comment. The person you will mention will immediately receive a notification from Plek. Simple but very effective. 

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