How to survive the loneliness of working from home!

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How to survive the loneliness of working from home!

And there we are, stuck at home again. After a few weeks back at the office, the urgent advice now is to start working from home as much as possible. But being in and around the house without visiting the office or seeing any of your colleagues, can have a huge impact on your mental health and in many cases cause a sense of loneliness. But don't worry! With our tips you can make working from home a much better experience! Read along to find out what they are. 

Consider making a phone call

Maybe you work together with your colleagues on the same project or for the same client. Agree to host a (video) call every day for fifteen minutes to catch up on the status of the project. This way you maintain social contact with each other, while at the same time having a purpose to call. Some days there may be less to discuss than other days, but there is at least a moment you can see each other. And it's of course a good excuse to talk about something else. At Plek a daily project meeting has turned into a 'walk-in' call where anybody who needs or wants to talk to their colleagues can join. 

Approach it in a scientific way

Billy Barr, an amateur scientist who has lived in isolation in the Rocky Mountains for over forty years, kept himself busy measuring the same things every day. For example, he looked at the snow depth, temperature, and which animals lived around his hut. This way he gave himself a goal to look forward to and at the same time a fixed ritual. You could do the same! For example, keep track of production figures or daily turnovers. Who knows, you might see an improvement that you can apply immediately! 

Make use of your extra time

Not having to commute every day can save you up to an hour. Instead of lying in bed, you can also use this time to do something you didn't manage to do before. This can be anything from exercising during lunch break to cleaning up the attic. And you will see, it will give you a feeling of being busy with something useful besides work. As an extra bonus you will get a clean house or maybe a better health. Try to see opportunities in working from home and combine the useful with the pleasant!