Innovate together on Plek

Innovate together on Plek

Innovation is not a one-man job. Allow employees to get involved, submit ideas, discuss and rate submitted ideas. Get started today and engage everyone in innovation, on Plek!
Obtain broad support and attention for innovation themes
Generate ideas among a large and varied group of people
Involve employees in discussing and rating ideas
Convert good ideas into project groups
the phases of innovation on Plek

How does it work?

The Plek Innovation Reactor allows you to create challenges for members of the organization. Employees (all of them or a specific group) can submit, discuss and rate ideas. Every challenge has a coach. The coach helps to move the idea forward, through different stages of development (for example sowing, cultivating and harvesting).

Simple and inclusive

Innovating on Plek is for everyone. It's accessible and intuitive. Available on desktop and mobile, with native apps for Android and iPhone. Your organization can easily involve all employees - from CEO to carpenter or nurse. And in the blink of an eye, the most promising and innovative ideas can be converted to project groups - including tools such as a group agenda and group chat. 

Plek is simple and inclusive

Let's innovate together

How can we increase customer satisfaction? Reduce our energy consumption? Prevent unsafe situations? Successful organizations innovate by using their employees’ knowledge and ideas; their collective innovative strength.
innovatie at a construction site

Heembouw brings innovation to its construction sites

We developed our Innovation Reactor in close collaboration with construction company Heembouw. It invites carpenters at construction sites to get involved in innovation, and allows Heembouw to maximize all employees' innovative strength.

What is Plek?

Plek is a flexible platform for organizations who want to transcend boundaries. Use it as an innovation reactor, social intranet, community platform or digital workplace for teams. Plek changes the way people innovate, connect, communicate and collaborate by making it all extremely simple. It works within and between organizations. At the office and on the road. On computer, tablet and mobile phone.

plek is beschikbaar op alle apparaten


Please get in touch for a demonstration or an explanation of the possibilities of Plek.

communication and innovation

Communication and innovation

If your organization is already using Plek, employees know that's where they can find news, collaborate, share updates and knowledge. Why not also use Plek to involve them in innovation? Let's give the Innovation Reactor a go!