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Involve everyone

At Plek you involve everyone when it comes to the topic of innovation and change. You set up concrete challenges or questions to which groups of people can contribute. Others can comment on the ideas and given input and rate them. The best ideas will go to the next round or are immediately implemented.

Broad innovation and participation

Innovation and change within organisations are too often conceived and managed by a small group. But ideas can come from everywhere in the organisation, people like to think along. It's important that everyone eventually joins in. At Plek you let everyone think along, but you give good direction to this process with concrete input fields in the requests, clear owners for sub-themes, and guided steps between different development stages of ideas.

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Turn good ideas into a plan

You can ask employees for input on many more topics than innovation alone. Getting colleagues to think about strategic choices, changes and the higher goal of the organisation leads to a lot of engagement and support. And at Plek you can immediately convert good ideas and initiatives into working groups and keep everyone informed about it!

Innovation is something you can learn!

Managers or c-level executives are often skeptical about the role of employees in innovation. But if you make innovation small and practical and take a good look at all the ideas, you can make a difference as an organisation.



Breman is not only a specialist in installation technology, but also a specialist in alternative organisation, democracy and self-government. Employees have just as much to say as shareholders. Decision-making and profit are shared 50/50. Find out how they use Plek for innovation and participation!

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