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Build connections across the borders of teams and departments

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We crave connection

Because of the lockdowns, we rushed to set up the digital workplace. That works operationally well, but we miss informal contact and are not getting ahead in our work. Knowledge sharing, innovation and engagement are drying up. The right time for an internal community on Plek.

Thinking about things

MS Teams and other operational tools are focused on ‘getting things done’. But ‘thinking about things’ is just as important. This leads to better coordination, innovation and growth of employees. Plek offers an environment for knowledge exchange, idea generation and personal development.

All functionalities

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Hybrid working, also between teams

On Plek, everyone has the opportunity to contribute and participate, at the office, at home, on location or on the road. It works easily and quickly, and obviously also via mobile. Stimulate cooperation and knowledge sharing across team and departmental boundaries with challenges, theme groups and surveys.

Step by step to more engagement

Plek helps organisations increase employee engagement. It’s essential that remote workers, flex workers and millennials stay connected. Plek offers a solution that meets those requirements. It's all about the employees themselves, with optional modules for onboarding, social learning and participation. We design the employee journey together with you.

Employee journey

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  • User-friendly, fast and complete
  • Easily share messages, documents, photos, videos and events
  • Single Sign-On en integratie met Office 365, SharePoint en Google Suite
  • Chat 1-on-1 and in groups, more secure than WhatsApp
  • Seamless on desktop, tablet and mobile, with iOS and Android apps
  • ISO 27001 and BIR 2017 certified

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Modern technology as a base

Plek is built with the latest technology, including native iOS and Android apps. We do monthly releases with mostly customer-driven improvements and security updates. We support Single Sign-On and integrate with Office 365, SharePoint, Google suite and many other applications.


Go live quickly under expert guidance

Your own Plek can be live very quickly. We guide you following a well-defined, proven plan, focusing on user activation rather than technology. 250 happy clients preceded you.

Our approach

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