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Unlimited knowledge sharing

Plek is the place to find and share knowledge, in documents, information pages and posts. Structured in a knowledge base, but above all organic and informal, while you work together and exchange information, also outside your own team. And of course all information is full-text searchable and filterable.

Formal knowledge sharing

Plek has all the tools to build a structured knowledge base, with clear rights and roles. You can also link Plek to external knowledge bases, such as Zenya (Infoland) and Sharepoint. Or open your knowledge base to everyone's contributions, including questions and star ratings. The user-friendly search function searches all content and provides clear results with filter functions that you can manage yourself.

Plek op mobiel


For and by everyone

Plek makes it easy for everyone in the organisation to share knowledge and experiences. This happens almost unnoticed when you work together, participate in discussions and exchange ideas in open groups. Colleagues outside your own team, department or location can also access it. With Multipleks you can even share knowledge between different Plek environments.

Benefits of sharing knowledge outside your team

Sharing knowledge and collaboration outside your team prevents tunnel vision, accelerates innovation, makes information accessible and also increases productivity and employee satisfaction.



With seven different locations and one hundred and eighty practitioners in thirty multidisciplinary teams, a lot of knowledge and expertise is available at Novicare. But how do you make sure you are also able to exchange this knowledge amongst colleagues in an easy and accessible way? Novicare found the solution in Plek.

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