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Your relevant information – always within reach for everyone, from everywhere.
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Everyone up to date, always and everywhere

Always access to relevant information, always aware of important developments. Whether you want to share information concerning the organisation, their team or strictly individual matters, from manuals and work schedules to new standards and guidelines, the Employee App makes it possible. From home, at a warehouse or at a construction site. Even when they're on their way to a customer, communication is swift and smooth with the Plek Employee App. This is how you increase productivity.

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Drive your connectedness

The Plek Employee App boosts connectedness. A quick moment of alignment with your colleagues before you hit the next meeting? Communicating and sharing information was never this easy. And employees feel more connected with each other and with the organisation.

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There is a Plek for everyone

Plek can be fully customised to any individual requirements, allowing every user to create their own environment. Users can set your own channels and groups, along with backgrounds and colours. This not only promotes adoption of the app, it also ensures that everyone can work with a Plek that is strictly personal.

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This is what sets Plek apart

App with your team. Securely.

Just as easy and mobile as WhatsApp – but in a secure, protected environment. With the implementation of the strictest security rules, Plek meets the highest requirements to guarantee safety. Curious about the possibilities for your organization? 

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Curious about all the possibilities?

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