Plek modules

Plek offers different add-on modules that help to improve employee engagement within your organisation.

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Onboarding on Plek

Plek offers a versatile, phased online onboarding program integrated in your intranet. Create your own programs, with different steps, formatted texts, embedded video's, checklists, information pages, forms and attachments. Plek has templates available for this if desired. All the knowledge gained during the onboarding, remains easily available at Plek, of course also after the onboarding has ended.


Knowledge sharing on Plek

Plek is the platform to find and share knowledge, in documents, information pages and posts. Structured in a knowledge base, but above all organic and informal, while you work together and exchange information, also outside your own team. And of course all the information is full-text searchable and filterable.

Knowledge sharing

Plek als sociaal intranet

Plek als medewerkerapp

Innovation and participation on Plek

At Plek you connect and involve everyone in the organisation when it comes to innovation, and exchanging new ideas. You set up challenges or questions to which groups of people can contribute ideas. Others can comment on this and rate them. The best ideas are immediately put in to practice.

Innovation and participation

Plek academy

The Plek academy is the place where the learning offers of the organization come together; where you follow learning trajectories together; and where you then share what you have learned with the organization. Plek is complementary to existing learning management systems and makes learning social.


Plek als interne community