A little sneak peek

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A little sneak peek

Only ten days left! On Thursday afternoon the 5th of March Plek will host the Employee Onboard festival at the Maritime museum in Amsterdam. Curious to find out what's on the program? Read along to find out!

Interesting encounters

Frank Philips will do the kick-off on March the 5th at 4 p.m on behalf of onboarding- and teambuilding specialist YES WE CONNECT! Based on your pre-filled profile, we will make sure you will get to meet interesting new people...

New insights about personal growth 

According to organizational psychologist and author Matthijs Steeneveld, the most important thing that organizations should strive for is not that employees are happy, but whether they can thrive. But what is needed for this and why is it so difficult to really put it into practice as an employer? Matthijs will provide you with some useful insights!

Answers to all your questions 

Cool employee engagement, but how do you make sure to really involve and engage people? According to us, you will learn more from the experiences of others than from a slick PowerPoint presentation. That's why we are going to help you with providing answers to your most pressing questions about employee engagement. 

To really involve people 

Last but not least: we will also give you a few practical tips and at the end of this afternoon we will summarize everything for you. And then, around six, it's time for a drink! 



For everyone who hasn't done it yet: apply now or send us a message in case you have other questions.