Plek update: any comments?

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Plek update: any comments?

It's time for our monthly release update. This time we fulfilled some of your long-held wishes. Want to know which ones? Read along to find out. 

Like and respond to comments

Plek will become even more social! With our new 'threaded comments' feature, you will be able to 'like' and respond to individual comments. Below an example of how this looks like. In the current version of the app, all comments are put together. With the new version next week, you have to click to see the new individual responses. 

Threaded comments

Renewed photo gallery 

The photo gallery has been revised! When you are scrolling through a specific photo album, you immediately get to see an overview of all the pictures. Useful if you are looking for a specific one. 

Photo gallery

Messages in Plek 

Plek works with the latest software: React. Step-by-step we are changing our platform from the old (Angular) to the new (React) framework. With this we can always provide you with the latest features and keep Plek user-friendly and safe!

This month we have adjusted the code of our messages and changed the apps from Angular to React. Although functionalities will stay the same, we did change a bit of the lay-out of our messages and some of the icons as you can see in the image below. What do you think? Isn't it nice? 



We changed our forms! After the release, users will be able to see how far they are with filling in their form. We have also added added some things to make creating a form easier. You are now for example, able to copy questions in forms. 

New module! 

You have to wait a few more weeks to get all the information about our brand new module, but we can already reveal that it has something to do with onboarding and employee engagement.... stay tuned for more news about this one!


Question or remarks about the new and improved Plek? Don't hesitate to contact your account manager. Specific questions about Plek? Send us an e-mail via 

In case you have an urgent question, you can call us during working hours at 020-3697577.