Office 365 integration

Thanks to the connection with Office 365, all documents are stored in one central location. Find, open and edit documents in no time.

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Documents are always in the right place

Stop searching for the right documents or apps. From now on, simply open the relevant project group in Plek. Here you will find earlier communication, appointments and the corresponding Office files. You can view, edit or share these files directly in Plek.

  • Simple collaboration using a single digital workplace
  • Create or edit documents directly from Plek
  • All documents are searchable, word-by-word
  • Forget passwords; simply log in via Single Sign-On
  • Flexible and secure integration with Office 365
  • Decide for yourself which integration suits your organisation

Secure and accessible from any place

As an organisation, you decide where the data is stored. You can choose between storage through Plek's servers or a full SharePoint integration. There is no difference between the two for the end user: you can always get to work without external systems or programs.

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work together on documents

Always the correct revision

Whatever form of integration you use. Working with Plek means that you are always working with the most recent version. It doesn't matter whether a change is made via Plek or SharePoint. All documents are directly searchable through Plek's search function.

Trusted login

Thanks to Single Sign-On, employees don't need to remember another password. In addition, we support AD FS, SAML, SAML2, Azure and OAuth and many more. Thanks to these integrations, employee profiles from your administration are used to fill Plek profiles. You decide what profile data Plek can use. For example, telephone numbers, departments and job titles. This way, Plek and SharePoint always contain accurate user information.

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