Office 365 Integration

Office 365 integration

Plek makes it easy to locate files in your Document Management System. Moreover, it ensures effortless collaboration. Let's make work better, and combine Plek's convenience with the power of Office 365!
Flexible and super-safe Office 365 integration
No large amounts of apps, easy access by means of Single Sign-On
Quick start, no hassle
Plek is user-friendly and intuitive
Decide which integrations your organization needs
Make working together simple and low-threshold
Provide a complete digital workplace

Collaborate on documents

Add Office 365 documents to Plek for real-time collaboration with colleages. You don't have to download anything and the latest version of your documents will always be synchronized. Additionally, Plek offers full-text search for all documents.

collaborate on documents

link groups on Plek to SharePoint sites

Link groups on Plek to SharePoint sites

You can easily link a Plek group to a SharePoint site. Create this link and all documents from the site are synced to the Plek group. Any changes to these documents are also synced.

Chat on Plek or Skype for Business

Plek has its own optional chat feature. If your organization is already used to Skype, there is no need to make everyone switch to a new tool: you can start a Skype conversation directly from Plek. Plek also displays your Skype status to let your colleagues know when you are available.

chat on Plek or Skype for Business

homepage link

Homepage link

Plek’s homepage offers a clear overview of the latest news and quick links to other systems. We can display a dynamic Plek widget on the SharePoint homepage to show the latest news from Plek - personalized for each user.

User synchronization

Both SharePoint and Plek take user profiles from Active Directory (LDAP) and use Single Sign-On for authentication (we support ADFS, SAML, SAML2, Azure SSO, OAuth2). Both platforms therefore have the same correct user information at all times. Additionally, people can automatically be made members of Plek groups based on their profile information in the Active Directory.

user synchronization


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