One, two, three "Pleks"

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One, two, three "Pleks"

Plek recently visited childcare centre Vlinderslag (IKC Vlinderslag), part of SKA Kinderopvang and educational institute Meerkring to celebrate the success of their first 'Multiplek.' SKA & Meerkring recently launched an internal communication platform which helps them to easily share information and knowledge among different departments and organisations. 

Faster and more structured. That's how Bert Jalving, deputy-director at educational institute Meerkring describes the results of sharing information on the new communication platform of Plek. A big improvement compared to the previous situation in which he lost a lot of his precious time with gathering, structuring and forwarding his e-mails and messages. 


Meike Dijksta (unitleader 2-7 years at IKC Vlinderslag) agrees: "If you work together in a childcare organisation, you often face the same things: when do you see each other and when do you discuss things together? A central communication platform is a useful tool and solution. Especially when it comes to gaining time and efficiency for your internal communications."

Feikje Meeuwsen, communication employee at SKA Kinderopvang adds: “We were already very satisfied about our own Plek intranet. I therefore thought about possibilities of using the platform in the other organisations as well. To facilitate knowledge sharing for example and to make it easier to share information within the IKC's.“

And that's how a separate Plek, besides SKA intranet was born. Within this separate Plek platform, every childcare organisation has it's own group. Employees of different IKC's can also form childcare groups in which they can share knowledge or work on shared projects. Cool fact: users can easily switch between the different platforms. 

Happy with the new platform?  

Bert: “Yes! I gained so much time! Sharing information has become much easier. News can be directly posted in the specific groups and channels, which makes easy to read and absorb the information. Information on the platform is also much better structured and it's now also possible to easily ask the right questions to the right people.” 

Meike: “I like the fact that if the schoolteam shares something, even though it's not directly relevant for the childcare organisation, they still read the messages. Two different worlds are now integrated onto one platform."


But do employees have time for an extra tool like this in their daily life? 

Feikje: “You can do a lot with Plek, but you have to do it in different phases and with good guidance from an expert within your own organisation. Guidance for example by explaining users how to use the platform. Things such as notifications, weekly updates or push messages. Plek messaging can be personalised and regulated by users."

Meike: “I don't think you should consider Plek as an extra platform with extra administrative tasks. It's more a tool that offers a solution in the daily communication with each other. You do have the autonomy in how to share information, and, as Feikje mentioned, how you want to stay informed." 


A lot of people might wonder, how to proceed after the launch of such a platform? How do you keep users involved and engaged? How do you make sure they keep posting content? 

Bert: “By giving the right example. By sharing things, but also by posting more messages.”

Meike: “Or by giving feedback and say: is it already on Plek? A lot of users already do this and share articles and information that is relevant for employees for both organisations. Super nice!"

Bert: “And when people like to send an e-mail, I always say: just post it on Plek!”

Which content is popular?

Bert: “The fun activities we organise such as 'The feast of the breaking of the fast.' Or sector related articles. We do see that content is mostly work related.”


Learn from the best! Do you have any tips or tricks for people who would like to launch a similar platform? 

Meike: “My recommendations? Make sure there is a logical lay-out on the platform. Analyse the company structure and make sure that the information can be shared and read in the right channels and groups. Also important: put together a small projectteam. There are always pioneers to improve the use of the platform."

Feikje: “I also get a lot of inspiration and informationfrom, the client community platform of Plek. It's nice to interact with other Plek users and to inspire each other. Never too late to learn from others!”


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