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Now that social communication is becoming integrated within organisations, we at Plek have set ourselves the following goal: to help solve the major engagement crisis. We believe that this can only be achieved by focusing on the employee and optimising their 'journey'. Plek gives structure to the entire employee journey with separate modules focused on onboarding, (social) learning and innovation. All in the same user-friendly tool, as part of the intranet or as a separate employee app.

onboarding at Plek

  • All social intranet features from Plek
  • The entire employee journey on one platform
  • Employee onboarding
  • Social learning
  • Innovation
  • Interactive knowledge base

The big engagement crisis

According to Gallup, only 12% of Dutch employees feel involved in his or her work. This has a major impact: poor working atmosphere, reduced productivity, more safety incidents, many burn-outs and a high turnover. Plek is the platform for an integrated approach. Read more about engagement.



At Plek we ensure that new colleagues get off to a flying start. With our program manager, you can set up onboarding programs yourself. You can then monitor the participants on a dashboard. These functions, combined with the easily accessible discussion groups, chat and the interactive knowledge base of Plek support the employee journey. Think of personal development, transfer and even offboarding. Read more about the employee journey


Social learning

An important part of the Plek engagement platform is the social learning module. This is an independent learning environment or a social extension of an existing learning management system. At Plek, participants can pre-register for a learning trajectory, view lesson materials, provide feedback and expectations, and ask questions to fellow group members or the teacher. Great for better involvement and motivation!

Social learning


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Innovation, idea generation and employee participation play an important role in increasing employee involvement. With Plek you can bring strategic themes to the attention of many. In this way, you let employees present, discuss and evaluate new ideas in an accessible way. You can then convert the most innovative or useful outcomes into project groups with your own agenda and chat.


Tailor made guidance

Plek Engagement is the next step in internal communication. We help organisations in making a transition towards a more employee centered thinking. Making the transition can be done in either one or two separate phases, starting with Plek social intranet. At larger organizations, such as KPMG and the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Plek even works alongside the intranet. We like to think along with you about the right approach. Curious about the possibilities of the Plek engagement platform? Send a message to Rik via or call us on +31 20 3697577

Rik Mulder