Plek innovation reactor

The Plek innovation reactor

Plek has created the innovation reactor especially for boosting broad innovation within organisations. In this separate part of Plek you can set out 'challenges' in the organisation (or parts thereof), where employees can submit ideas. Colleagues can then discuss and like each other's ideas.


  • Promote innovation throughout the company
  • Generate ideas from a large, varied group
  • Involve employees in an accessible way
  • Immediately convert a good idea into a project group
  • The workforce also participates thanks to the app
  • Created for participation and communication

Substantiated methodology

The Plek innovation module is based on scientific research from the Erasmus University. This research indicates that concrete challenges (questions) lead to much more useful ideas than, for example, a general innovation forum. It also states how important it is that innovation coaches guide colleagues to cultivate ideas through various development stages.

Participation and involvement

Of course, the reactor with its challenges and ideas / contributions is also very suitable for discussing and testing important strategic and social themes together. Think of sustainability, diversity and corporate social responsibility. Taking it one step further by giving employees participation in decision-making. Commitment guaranteed!



Go live quickly

The Plek innovation reactor can be implemented quickly: you can be live within only a few weeks. An effective tool to draw wide attention to innovation themes and to involve employees in an accessible way in discussing and valuing ideas, regardless of their role or location.

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Case study - Heembouw

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