Plek Member Platform

Plek, tailor-made for member organizations

A user-friendly and versatile platform for your members.

From small associations to complex, international organizations.

Provide people from different committees, regions and departments with their own groups, messages, calendars and chat.

Plek includes built-in registration of new members.

Plek Member Community
Plek Connect

Flexible authorizations and profiles

Plek allows for multiple authorization levels, leaders, members, registered members or external parties.

Members can connect to get access to each other's full profile and contact info.

Make a preview of your content public to create interest or to share knowledge with the outside world.

Member administration and payments

Maintain your member administration in Plek or connect to an existing administration.

Collect payments using the automated (worldwide) payments system within Plek.

Automatically renew memberships of existing members.

Take a look at our case to learn more about the possibilities: International Water Association.

Plek Members
Plek Members automated onboarding

Automated activation and onboarding of new members

New members are automatically guided through the platform, by means of tips that help them improve their profile and adjust their personal settings.

Keep your members involved using automated activation emails and periodic digest emails.