Plek Social Intranet

Good looking and user friendly

User friendliness comes first. Plek is clear, works fast and has no unnecessary functions.

Share with ease messages, chats, documents, photo albums, links, video and events with ease. 

Choose which groups you want to join and only see relevant news and updates only.

Top-down communication is stays relevant. Publish important organization-wide messages in news channels and on information pages.

Plek Sociaal Intranet landing page
Plek IPhone App

Share knowledge, also with external parties

Find information, knowledge and contacts, including those outside your inner circle. Plek's search finds profile info, messages, information pages and even the content of documents in the blink of an eye.

Subscribe to open knowledge groups, respond to messages and chats, organize knowledge sessions and build a knowledge base.

Invite people from outside your organization to knowledge and project groups, without giving them access to confidential information.

Replaces email and WhatsApp

Decimate email traffic using Plek Chat. Chat with existing or ad-hoc groups. Or simply one on one.

Start using chat inside your own organization and prevent proliferation of WhatsApp groups. Manage access, also for external parties.

Plek is professionally and safely hosted in the Netherlands and is completely Patriot-act free.

Plek Group Chat
Plek Social Intranet activation

Start quickly and easily

Plek is a cloud solution so we can have you up and running quickly. Even within 2-5 weeks.

We work according a fixed, proven plan, with focus on activating users instead of technology.

Automated onboarding and activation help make your intranet a success.