Plek update: new decade, new possibilities

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Plek update: new decade, new possibilities

Time for our monthly release update. What to expect? We worked on our forms, our Office 365 integration and made some improvements in the innovation module. Read along to find out what's new.

Automatic updates for the desktop app 🤖

We can be very short about our first improvement: in our opinion an automatic update of our desktop app is more important than any bug fix or whatsoever! And the developers agree. Their hard work will therefore soon end up with the end users.

Everything for the form

During the winter months we have been working very hard on improving the use of our forms. When creating or editing a form, you will find a new settings column on the right. We think this new improvement is much more in line with how our platform works and with the user friendliness of Plek. You probably wouldn't have noticed if we hadn't published this news!

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Working on Office documents without leaving Plek 📓

We understand that Plek might not be the platform to edit or write page-long documents in a message. That's why we offer different ways to collaborate on documents. During our latest release we focused on Microsoft Office 365 via WOPI. As of now you will work in Word and Excel without having to leave Plek. And let's be honest; we secretly prefer you to stay on Plek 😏

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New and improved innovation module

Last but not least: our innovation module. This additional module has been created to stimulate discussions about innovation that every employee can contribute to. It's not only about finding the best idea, but more about involving all employees in the topic around innovation. With this release we have looked carefully at how the module can become more user-friendly.  
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Questions about this release? Looking for more information? (Office 365) or Innovation? Let us know!