From inspiration to implementation!

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From inspiration to implementation!

Implementing a new internal communication platform. It can sometimes feel a bit overwhelming. But if you try to do it in small and logical steps, you will notice that things will go smooth and easy. And once the platform has been launched, it becomes indispensible! Read along and see how Bibliotheek Rivierenland has implemented and launched their platform. 

Self managing project team 

With more than twenty locations in eight municipalities and about 350 people, volunteers and employees, working together on a daily basis, Bibliotheek Rivierenland needed a more centralised communication platform. Instead of pre-selecting employees for a specific workgroup, Bibliotheek Rivierenland choose to make a spontaneous announcement. And this worked! The employees in the final workgroup were more enthusiastic, self managing and brought in a more diverse output, due to their different backgrounds. 



Check, test, double check 

Project members easily agreed upon the design and content of the new platform. More important however, was the test phase. The project group got the chance to already test the platform two months before. A good thing because it made them feel more responsible for the end results and the content on the platform. Project members automatically became ambassadors. And even better: after the official launch, other employees didn't find a boring, empty, platform. Instead, they got acces to a platform filled with exciting news, interesting channels and recent updates.

Space for everyone 

Volunteers and employees are equal on the new communication platform of Bibliotheek Rivierenland. The platform is therefore accessible for everybody and very easy to use. Information channels filled with useful updates were quickly launched. Think of information such as: "the average workday of an employee" Or the group: "biebjes en bapjes," a channel in which employees can share fun facts and informal news with each other.

The input has already led to many other new surprising things within the company: talented writers (besides reading, library employees also like to write!), music talent (with the introduction of a new intranet song and a library chore) and new images such as the photo comics about work related information. 

Plek is now waiting for a book filled with intranet columns of Bibliotheek Rivierenland!


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