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Strengthen communication between office and frontline workers

Share shifts, rosters or specific product and location updates with colleagues. Use push notifications to bring important news directly to the attention and actively solicit feedback via polls and forms.

Employee app
  • Share news with specific locations, affiliates, employees or groups
  • Determine user roles and rights yourself
  • Use push notifications for sharing important news
  • Increase the productivity of new hires with our tailor-made onboarding
  • App in your own brandstyle
  • Delegate tasks to staff on location

Quickly onboard new employees

Through our tailor-made onboarding, you ensure that everyone is quickly familiarised with the organisation and the new platform. Easy to set up and quick to adapt to your own wishes!


Medewerker onboarding

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Boven 't Y


Greet brings people together

At Appèl, “Greet” - the social intranet with the accompanying mobile app - had already conquered a place in the routine of many employees at the various locations and the head quarter. Mainly to share good news and to share inspiring things with other employees. That changed due to the corona crisis..

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