Plek's social intranet

User-friendly, super fast and completely mobile: communicate internally as your employees would want.

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Plek social intranet

A smart mix of top-down and social

Plek changes how organizations work together, share knowledge and engage employees. It combines the power of social intranet, chat, top-down communication and access for external parties. Plek connects, across different silos and organisational boundaries. A complete and secure communication platform - naturally also on mobile - for organizations of the future.

  • User-friendly, fast and complete intranet
  • Easily share messages, documents, photos, videos and events
  • Single-Sign-On (AD) and integration with Office 365, Google Drive & Sharepoint
  • Chat 1-on-1 and in groups, more secure than WhatsApp
  • Lightning fast searching, including the content of documents
  • Seamless on desktop, tablet and mobile, with native iOS and Android apps

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Ease of use

Of course, Plek has all the basic functions of a social intranet. What makes us different is that we do not compromise on ease of use. Plek, therefore, works just as easily as LinkedIn or WhatsApp, with smooth chat, a super-fast search function, @mentions, embedded videos and responses to responses. Everything simple and fast, of course also in fully functional mobile apps.

Working together in Plek

Start or join groups, inform and respond, organise events or build a knowledge base. Safely invite people from outside the organization to specific (project) groups. Easily share your documents, content pages and other files - and find them in no time with the full-text search engine. With version control, tags, taxonomies and role-related content rights, Plek is a real CMS. And did you know that Plek integrates seamlessly with Office365, SharePoint, OneDrive, AFAS, Google Drive and 750 other systems?

Share and work together in documents

Use Plek on your smarphone as an app

Secure replacement of e-mail and WhatsApp

Reduce your e-mail traffic with group messages and Plek chat. The well-arranged, personalised Plek dashboard displays the relevant news items, updates, discussions, agenda and chats. Get chat within your own work environment and prevent proliferation in WhatsApp groups. Check access, also for external parties.

Information security

Plek is hosted safely and professionally in the Netherlands, completely out of reach of the Patriot Act. Both ourselves and our hosting partner are ISO27001, NEN7510 and BIR certified. Every year we have a penetration test conducted by ethical hackers and every month we have a release with security updates.

Justus Beek

Launch quickly with expert guidance

Plek is a so-called 'multi-tenant SaaS' solution, or a cloud service. This means that we can roll out quickly for and with you. That is even possible in 2-5 weeks, but usually, our customers need 2-3 months. We guide you according to a well-established, proven plan, with a focus on user activation instead of technology. Automatic onboarding and activation help make your intranet a success. Do you already have questions about our options? Then contact Justus via or call us on +31 20 3697577