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social intranet

A smart mix of top-down and social

Plek changes how organisations collaborate, share knowledge and engage employees. It combines the power of social intranet, chat, top-down communication and access for external parties. Plek connects across silos and organisational boundaries. With our apps for desktop, mobile and tablet, we reach everyone in your organisation.

This makes us unique

  • User-friendly, fast and complete
  • Easy sharing of messages, documents, photos, videos and events
  • Single Sign-On and integrations with Office 365, SharePoint and Google Suite
  • One-to-one chat and group chat, more secure than WhatsApp
  • Seamless on desktop, tablet and mobile, with iOS and Android apps
  • ISO 27001 and BIR 2017 certified

The start of the working day

Plek is the starting point of the working day. With news from the organisation, updates from colleagues and important information. Fast and with full-text search. Everything in one place, even if you work from home or if you are on the road.


Also on mobile

Ease of use as a guiding principle

Of course, Plek has all the basic features of a social intranet. But we make no concessions to the ease of use. Plek is as easy as LinkedIn or WhatsApp, but secure. Simple and fast, and of course also fully functional on mobile, so you can reach everyone.

What makes Plek stand out?

Step by step towards more engagement

Plek helps organisations to increase employee involvement by combining the social intranet with modules for onboarding and satisfaction surveys. This gives the employee a voice and he or she is really listened to. The modules are easy to switch on and off. In consultation with our consultants, you will achieve the best result together.

You're the director

On all devices

Modern technology as a basis

Plek is built using the latest technology, including native iOS and Android apps. We do monthly releases with mostly customer-driven improvements and security updates. We support Single Sign-On and integrate with Office 365, SharePoint, Google suite and many other applications.


Go live quickly under expert guidance

Your own Plek can be implemented very quickly. We guide you with a well-defined, proven plan, focusing on user activation rather than technology. 300+ happy customers preceded you.

Our approach

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