Social learning

The Plek learning module

Social learning

Encourage personal development

An important factor of intrinsic motivation and employee involvement is the opportunity for personal development. Plek brings the often fragmented range of courses together in one place and makes it accessible to everyone. Moreover, we make learning social: employees work together on learning paths that can be arranged by trainers. They share preparation, tips, outcomes and evaluations for individual external courses.

As a participant, immediately search and find all learning programs
View who is in your group beforehand
Questions? Start a discussion online!
Put training material or reference material online as a trainer
Answer questions from participants
Request feedback afterwards

You learn together

At Plek we believe that learning together within organisations is much more fun and effective than doing it the tradition way by using individual learning trajectories. Not only does group learning motivate participants, they will also learn more from each other. Plus it stimulates a group feeling and helps to improve the learning culture within an organisation.

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Plek academy

A trainer or administrator can set up a course program with various actions for participants. Think of references to a lesson, document, group, agenda item or person, filling in a form or sharing answers in the group.

Social learning by Groen Links 

GroenLinks is growing fast and was very successful in the recent municipal elections. That meant a good number of new council members, and therefore, a need for a central place where all council members, councilors and members of the House of Representatives find and help each other. That became its own community within Plek, on which the GroenLinks academy organises teaching programs.