Plek Social Intranet

Plek Social Intranet

User-friendliness comes first. Plek is clear, works fast and has no unnecessary functions. Smart makes simple!

What can you do on Plek?

Plek social intranet

Find information, contacts, posts and even the content of documents in the blink of an eye. Join groups, inform and comment, organize events or build a knowledge base. Invite people from outside your organization to groups without giving them access to confidential information.

An easy to use, fast and complete social intranet
Single Sign-On (ADFS, SAML, SAML2, Azure SSO, OAuth2)
Integrations with Office 365, SharePoint, Google Drive
Proven implementation plan, followed by onboarding and activation tools
Secure substitute for WhatsApp
On desktop, tablet and mobile, with Apple and Android apps
Secure and manageable access for external parties
Secure and professional hosting in the Netherlands, certified NEN7501, ISO27001 and ISAE3000

Go live quickly, with experienced implementation advisors

Plek is a cloud solution so we can have you up and running quickly. Even within 2-5 weeks. We work in accordance with a fixed, proven implementation plan. We focus on activating users, not just on technology. Automatic onboarding and activation will help you make your intranet a success.

go live quickly with experienced implementation advisors

Plek connects

Plek connects

Plek connects, across silos and organizational boundaries. It combines the power of social intranet, chat, top-down communication and external access. A complete platform for future-ready organizations.

Plek shield

Get rid of email and WhatsApp

Chat within existing or ad hoc groups. Or simply 1:1. By offering an internal chat tool, you can control access yourself - also for external parties.


Plek Intranet


per user per month

discount if more than 150 users

Personal account manager

Implementation with fixed, proven method

Modular expansion
ADFS, own apps and integrations such as Office 365, Google Docs, AFAS etc.


price on request

Extensive support in accordance with SLA

Own apps

5 streams implementation approach