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You can use Plek in many different ways to communicate and engage within your organisation

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Flexible and modular

The many configuration options allow you to set up Plek exactly as is needed and useful for your organisation. As a social intranet, or even alongside an existing intranet. Here are a few examples.


Social intranet

A large number of our 300+ customers use Plek as the starting point for their working day. With Plek you can reach everyone and colleagues can find each other.

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Plek as social intranet

Plek as employeeapp

Employee onboarding

Successful onboarding makes new employees more likely to stay. Good onboarding ensures a warm welcome and bond with the organisation. Make new colleagues productive quickly by connecting them with knowledge and colleagues.

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People analytics

Employee satisfaction is often measured periodically with surveys. Creating these surveys is a lot of work, filling them out is time-consuming and the questions are often superficial. The result: unmotivated employees and results that are anything but concrete. That can be done differently. With Plek, you enter into a personalised dialogue with your employees in a continuous and automated way.

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Plek as internal community

The benefits of Plek

  • Flexible SaaS internal communication platform
  • Many configuration and set-up options
  • Use it as your social intranet or alongside your existing intranet
  • With modules for onboarding, social learning and innovation
  • Increasing engagement step by step
  • Works seamlessly on desktop, tablet and mobile, with iOS and Android apps

Community platform

Plek is also popular with membership organisations, such as trade associations and NGOs. From a few hundred members to tens of thousands, all over the world.

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Plek as member community

Plek for teams


Check out Plek.team, if your team has less than 100 employees. Self-service with attractive pricing. And the first month is free!

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Employee app

Reach and engage non-desk employees and bridge the gap between the office and the shopfloor. A good and secure alternative to WhatsApp.

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Plek as ledencommunity

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