Futureproof & Safe

Fast development, the latest technology and a secure platform. Read more about our vision on technology here

Net zo goed als thuis

Just as good as home

We have developed Plek based on a clear vision of the future of organisations and work, where we put the employee first. Plek works just as easy as the communication apps that people use outside of work, such as WhatsApp, Facebook and LinkedIn. To make sure that employees won't simply continue use these other apps at work.

Rapid development

Unlike many of our competitors, all our customers run on the same platform - but of course completely safe. This allows us to develop quickly: every month we release improvements and often also new functions, usually based on customer requirements. And all our customers get the improved version of Plek immediately at their disposal. We also regularly do technology upgrades.

Snelle doorontwikkeling

Plek is ISO-certified

We work at Plek according to strict information security requirements. We are therefore ISO 27001 certified, just like our (Dutch) hosting provider. In addition, we comply with the BIR 2017 (National Information Security Baseline).



Information security is our top priority. If you use Plek, you are the owner of your own data. We draw up a clear processing agreement for all our customers.

We have implemented strict security rules both internally and externally. For example, we regularly have penetration tests and audits carried out to test whether our policy, our hosting, our working method and our platform continue to meet the high requirements.