The guided employee journey

With the employee journey you put the employee experience at the centre. That's essential for improving productivity and the working atmosphere in your organisation.

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The employee journey

After the customer journey - and in healthcare the patient journey - it is time to also map the experience of employees. We distinguish three stages: inflow, development and outflow. Partly due to the tight labor market, the inflow receives the most attention by far, through recruitment and onboarding programs. But if you do not allow your current employees to grow and intrinsically motivate them, they will end up in the outflow stage before you know it.

Onboarding on Plek

The employee journey naturally starts with recruitment. Even before employees are taken on, you can already give them access to Plek for orientation and preparation (pre-boarding). Starting on their first working day, Plek offers a versatile onboarding program. This can be organized per role, location or department with text, videos, forms, references and links, and it can be scheduled over a longer period of time.

Onboarding on a laptop

Illustration of Employee Journey module


At Plek we shape the various components of the development stage in the following way:

  • Communication: with news and updates, teams and project groups
  • Growth: social learning, theme groups
  • Inclusion and sustainable employability: with information pages, forms, knowledgebase and sports groups
  • Coaching and mentoring: in private (chat) groups
  • Change: idea generation, participation and discussion groups
  • Social connection: chat, social / interest groups and activities

A proper completion of all these elements can increase employee engagement considerably.


Offboarding and absenteeism are often classified as outflows. Higher levels of employee engagement will counteract this. Plek also provides statistics for monitoring participation to provide early support.

If an employee leaves the organisation anyway, proper offboarding is important to safeguard and protect knowledge. At Plek, former employees can stay connected in alumni groups to act as ambassadors - and perhaps someday return again.

An employee using Plek

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